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Concierto de Percusión Auditorio Luis A. Calvo - Jhon Ciro


"In the last decade, the work of many Latin American percussionists has paid off in showing the dimension of quality that we have in our countries with great composers, performers and teachers who have led contemporary Latin American percussion to new standards, which also have as an element In this sense, Colombia has great musicians and Jhon Ciro is part of a new generation that comes from the result of this musical growth and that his work as an interpreter, composer, teacher and project manager , strongly cements this Latin American musical development that forms an important part of the music of Colombia and the new generations" - Dr Israel Moreno, director of the Latin American Marimbists Competition, Chiapas Mexico

Together with Evelyn Glennie and Martin Grubinger, he was invited to participate in the III International Music Festival of Medellín "Great percussionists of the world" in 2009.


Master of Music from the EAFIT University under the guidance of Alexander Ziborov and graduated with honors from the University of Antioquia where he obtained the title of Master in Percussion under the guidance of Roberto Carlos Gómez.


He has belonged to the Quindío Symphonic Band, the Apía Risaralda Band of Musicians, the Universidad de Antioquia Symphonic Band, the Medellín Philharmonic Orchestra, the Medellín Big Band and the EAFIT Symphony Orchestra. Currently he is part of the ASAF Duo with the guitarist Karen Arango, with whom he has performed concerts in various venues  such as the Adriana Bonoldi de Carrera Auditorium of the National University of Cuyo in Mendoza Argentina, the Rafael Altamira venue of the University of Alicante in Spain and Teatro   Tolima in Ibagué Colombia, among others.


He has performed as a soloist with the Arcos Orchestra of the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, the Ibagué Symphony Orchestra, the Quindío Symphony Band, the University of Antioquia Symphony Band, the University of Antioquia Percussion Ensemble, the El Toque Percussion Ensemble and the Percanto Percussion Ensemble. from EAFIT University.


Professor of the area of percussion at the School of Arts of the Industrial University of Santander. He has taught in the area of Symphonic Percussion at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad del Atlántico, Adventist University, University of Antioquia and at the Débora Arango School of Arts. Founder and director of the SAETA Percussion Ensemble. He participated as an interpreter and workshop facilitator in the III Latin American Marimbistas Contest, in Chiapas Mexico, VIII International Percussion Festival "Patagonia Cultural Foundation" in Argentina, III and IV International Percussion Festival in the city of Ibagué and in the XXXII UIS International Piano Festival. 


His main tutors in composition have been Johann Hasler and Blas Emilio Atehortúa.  His compositions focus mainly on solo repertoire for percussion based on elements of Colombian folklore; Likewise, he has composed for different instrumental formats, the works stand out: “Concert for percussion and string orchestra”, "Kafiguive" for vibraphone, guitar and string orchestra, “Concert for recycled percussion and orchestra” and “Sanquianga” for marimba solo with percussion ensemble accompaniment.


In research he has participated as a speaker at the following conferences: I Jornades d'Etnomuicologia i Antropologia de la Música: Metodes, Enfocaments i perspectives per I'estudi de la música en la cultura, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain ; IV Musical Research Meeting: Research in Popular Music, Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, Colombia; V Musical Research Meeting: Music and Interdisciplinarity, Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, Colombia;  II International Congress of Marimba Music and Traditional Songs of the Colombian South Pacific, Buenaventura, Colombia.

Jhon Ciro percussion concert
Percussion Concert
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