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"Dear Jhon: I have been able to appreciate your works and I must tell you that there is very good quality in your work,

which makes me feel very satisfied to have had him as a student.

Go ahead with your brilliance and new ideas !!"

Blas Emilio Atehortúa - Composer  


Four moments for vibraphone and track
"Adoration" for snare and track solo
"Rhythms of the River" for solo multi-percussion and traditional percussion ensemble.
Sound Sculpture, for sculpture, voices, trombone ensemble and percussion ensemble.
Tambora, for marimba solo accompanied by traditional percussion ensemble. 
Merecumbé for Percussion Trio.
Quintet for Caribbean Percussion.
Atlántico, for percussion solo with accompaniment by a Bronze Ensemble
Kafiguive, for vibraphone, maracas, guitar, cuatro
and string orchestra
Concerto for percussion and string orchestra
Sanquianga, for marimba solo and percussion ensemble
Concerto for Recycled Percussion and Orchestra
Bambuco for guitar and vibraphone
Dodecuba, for latin jazz septet and vibraphone
S.O.S for solo trombone, Pg 1
Psalm 34 for solo flute, Pg 1
Article 70 for solo flute Pg 1
4 moments for two clarinets Pg 1

Concerto for three recycled batteries Pg 1

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