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Phonographic and Audiovisual Production Laboratory​



Universidad Industrial de Santander
School of Arts - Music


The Phonographic and Audiovisual Production Laboratory is a space designed to carry out creative work around the generation of research, creation and extension proposals with a phonographic and audiovisual approach, which encourages the participation of the educational community, of regional, national and international, to the deepening of musical, artistic, educational and interdisciplinary work.


This space has been designed to support the different research proposals endorsed by the VIE (Vice Rector's Office for Research and Extension), both of the research group and the research group attached to the group. Likewise, proposals for academic exchanges, agreements and external projects. On the other hand, it seeks to support the different formative processes that are generated from the subjects that make up the UIS Bachelor's Degree in Music program.


Similarly, diversify the portfolio of training and services of the academic unit, with formal programs such as diploma and postgraduate programs, and non-formal programs such as outreach programs aimed at the community in general, in order to have more and more users and therefore, resources for its operation and maintenance.

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Administrative and Logistics Committee

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Jhon Eduard Ciro Gómez - Director / Professor

Leonardo Parra - Music producer / Professor and graduate

Camila Velandia - Phonographic Team / Student

Sebastián García - Phonographic Team / Student

Angélica Morales - Audiovisual Team / Student

Rocío Avella - Audiovisual Team / Student

Andrés Castro - Audiovisual Team / Student​

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