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In this space you can see the compilation of works carried out in extension by the MUSILAB laboratory of the Universidad Industrial de Santander.


Bucarajazz was a festival organized at the Universidad Industrial de Santander between August 2 and 5, 2022, where seven international, national and local groups performed.


This festival aimed to bring together artists who love Jazz, which had the opportunity to share and publicize their work through various presentations. This event brought with it the opportunity to culturally enrich the city, allowing the generation of musical spaces where both artists and spectators could enjoy, learn and listen to a musical genre as virtuous as Jazz.

Bucarajazz ok.jpeg

Promotional video for extension courses

The Universidad Industrial de Santander together with the school of arts offers semester extension courses under the guidance of professionals and undergraduate students in music. From the MUSILAB laboratory the promotional video of the courses was made, managing to collect the essence of these through various videographic and sound shots.

UIS University Choir and OCA-UIS Bowed String Orchestra Christmas Concert Season (December 2021)

Streaming transmissions:


Holy Week Concert Season UIS University Chorale. (2021)

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