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Given the different academic and institutional activities that take place at the School of Arts of the Industrial University of Santander, there is a space with equipment and staff for the development of activities related to audio recording open to students and active professors, affiliated to the Music Degree Program.

This space is planned as an exchange activity where our seed growers put their production knowledge into practice in some of these sessions.

If you are interested in recording, follow the procedure described below:



1. Check schedules: in the link attached below you can check the available schedules. Please note that registration must be made at least three days in advance




2. Registration: Once the work hour is confirmed, fill out the form attached here.




to. In the case of registering for a group session, a leader person must be appointed for the registration. However, it is also required to fill in the name of all the people who are part of the group in the corresponding space.


b. Each group, soloist or work team may only register once a week.


c. In the case of groups or work teams, the maximum number of members is 6 people.​

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Aspects to take into account:


Sessions have a duration of 45 minutes.

Only registered persons and assigned student assistants will be admitted to the session.

Avoid consuming food inside the laboratory.

In relation to biosafety measures, it is recommended to maintain the use of masks and constant hand disinfection.

Arrive at the space 15 minutes in advance.

The audio material is provided without any type of editing or intervention.

The person or group registered must have an external storage unit where the files generated during the session can be shared.


Corroboration of registration.

Adequacy of the space according to technical requirements.


Delivery of the material produced.





At the end of the production work, the people who participated in the session will be asked to fill out a satisfaction survey.

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Consult our Protocol of Theoretical-Practical Sessions here.

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